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March Newsletter

Spring time is here, and don't we know it! The clocks have jumped forward, giving us more time in the day to carry out some mad hax and spend time with friends in sunny beer gardens.

To kick things off, the Queens have an exciting update! We have been brewing up plans to takeover the hosting of the Ladies Hacking Society (LHS) podcast, so don't forget to watch this space... ;)

Sophia is also excited to announce that she is a guest curator and Young Changemaker for this year's Cheltenham Science Festival. She will also be delivering a talk at the festival, "How to Hack a Car" - so don't forget to check it out if you're local to Cheltenham! You can find the full programme here

Now, time to enlighten you with this month's news!

An Oxford teen was called out for being a multi-millionaire cyber criminal and one of the leaders of Lapsus$, an organised hacking group. Cyber security researchers have been investigating the hacking activities since last year to understand what crimes have been carried out. 

Google have recently issued an update to Chrome to patch an actively exploited 0-day. A CVE for the vulnerability has been reserved and more details are to follow in the coming days. An update has been pushed to Chrome browsers to patch the type confusion vulnerability in the V8 JavaScript engine - (A fun reminder to update your browsers folks!).

Following from December's cyber attack, Gloucester City Council have announced that they were not insured against the attack and will have to rebuild all their servers. The attack has already cost the council more than ยฃ630,000 in an attempt to recover their IT infrastructure, with predicted costs now feared to go into the millions. 

The US Department of Justice has revealed a Russian supply chain attack targeting the energy sector. A malware named Havex was uncovered, which allowed the attackers to create a backdoor and gather more information on potential targets. Note, the post does give a nod to the fact that we are all as bad as each other...

We hope you have a fab Spring and can take advantage of the sun whilst you can. Thank you for your continued support and as always, you can find our recent posts below.

Lots of love,

The Security Queens xxx


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