Misery Business: Sextortion Emails

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Content Warning: This post includes discussion of sensitive topics such as revenge porn and blackmail. This week I’m primarily going to cover sextortion phishing campaigns, and a little about how to deal with these sorts of emails. I’ll also include some resources at the end of the post discussing general (non-phishing) sextortion, and organisations who can help if somebody tries to blackmail you with, or releases your personal content without your consent.

Thnks fr th Bnk Dtls: A Quick Guide to Fraud

Estimated difficulty: 💜🤍🤍🤍🤍 Hello, and welcome to another week of Security Queens! 🎉 This week I’ll try to give you a quick overview (not exhaustive) of a few common types of fraud, a bit of information about money laundering, and a little perspective about how it all ties into the bigger picture. Fraud is criminal …