Binary, Hex, Base 64, Oh My!

Estimated difficulty: 💚💚💚 Hey Securiteenies! This week we’re covering a few common numerical systems in the technology world – mostly because they’re really cool, but also because you might come across these in the wild sometime and it’s useful to know how they work and understand what they mean. We’ve tried to keep this post …

I Write Policies Not Tragedies: An Intro to Security Management

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Chances are, if you study or work in Information Technology, or specifically the realm of Information Security, you’ve heard of security management. Security management, though broad, is pretty nuanced and encompasses every domain of security in one way or another – this post will cover at a high level what some areas of security management are, (we’ll look at these in more individual detail in later posts) and briefly what some of the problems are that organisations face with security management.

Misery Business: Sextortion Emails

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Content Warning: This post includes discussion of sensitive topics such as revenge porn and blackmail. This week I’m primarily going to cover sextortion phishing campaigns, and a little about how to deal with these sorts of emails. I’ll also include some resources at the end of the post discussing general (non-phishing) sextortion, and organisations who can help if somebody tries to blackmail you with, or releases your personal content without your consent.

Thnks fr th Bnk Dtls: A Quick Guide to Fraud

Estimated difficulty: 💜🤍🤍🤍🤍 Hello, and welcome to another week of Security Queens! 🎉 This week I’ll try to give you a quick overview (not exhaustive) of a few common types of fraud, a bit of information about money laundering, and a little perspective about how it all ties into the bigger picture. Fraud is criminal …

Cryptography Terms

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Hey! This is a quick, simplified overview of some related terms for anyone who isn’t familiar with cryptography. I’ll add to this as time goes on to try and make sure it includes the terms used in other posts. 🥳

Bad Crypto 101: Spotting Red Flags

Estimated difficulty: 💜💜🤍🤍🤍 This post is heavily inspired by Simson Garfinkel’s A Field Guide to Spotting Bad Cryptography (2005) – link below – and aims to give you a quick, lightweight overview of things to look out for when you’re trying to assess the security of cryptography in the wild, without dissecting an algorithm. If …


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Welcome to week four of government-mandated sourdough-baking and Netflix-binging, and my first post on Security Queens. 🎉

I’m asked quite often how I managed to get into the security industry, coming from a non-technical background, and for useful resources for people just starting out…